Match Reports

Hull v Astley – Sunday 31st March 2019 (Northern League)

Division 1:  Hull 94 Astley & Tyldesley 84

Division 2: Hull 52 Astley & Tyldesley 68

Division 3: Hull 64 Astley & Tyldesley 137

(match report to follow)


HSBC Elite League Round Two – Hull – Saturday 25th May 2019

The results from today’s HSBC Elite Grand Prix were


1st Owen Wells – Wednesfied


1st Lucasz Nowaki – Horspath 20

2nd Chris Timms – Birmingham 19

3rd Pawel Idziorek – Astley 17

4th  Andy Angell – Hull 17

5th Nathan Everett – Hull 17

Michael Baldock (Coventry) 14, Adam Watson (Coventry) 14, Will Bristowe (Poole) 14, David Cooper (Hull) 11, Paul Timms (Birmingham) 11, Owen Wells (Wednesfield) 11, Laura Watson (Shefffield) 9.


Yorkshire League Round One – Hull – Wednesday 22nd May 2019

Nathan Everett raced unbeaten by an opponent as Hull were victors in the opening round of the Yorkshire League at the Hessle Raceway. Hull finished on 59, Heckmondwike Saints taking runners up spot with 53, while Sheffield Stars scored 44.
The experimental formula had pairs racing from heats 1 to 12, with four additional individual races added.
Hull provided the race winner in each of the eight races in the pairs racing, securing the maximum 7 points on three occasions, two from the Everett/Cooper pairing. Andy Angell was unbeaten until the extra races, when he lost out to Darren Kent when on a borrowed club bike.
Heckmondwike were indebted to guests Niall Morton and Adam Watson, both having two race wins. Morton teamed up with Darren Kent for a maximum 7 point score for the Saints in heat 2. The extra races saw Justin Naylor, Kent and Watson all take the chequered flag first as they pulled back two points on Hull, it would have been more but Morton fell on turn one on lap three when trying to keep Everett at bay in the final race (for the teams top scorers). Sheffield were unable to provide a race winner. Kielan Burton was closest, when leading Watson for three laps in heat 8. Niamh Morton was making some quick starts, teaming up with GB Women’s teammate Laura Watson for drawn races in heats 5 and 12 when they relegated Justin Naylor and Frank Auffret to last places.


Hull 59 – Nathan Everett 18+2, Andy Angell 18+1, David Cooper 14, Frank Auffret 7, Will Alvey 2.

Heckmondwike Saints 53 – Niall Morton 15+1, Adam Watson 14, Darren Kent 13+2, Justin Naylor 11.

Sheffield Stars 44 – Kielan Burton 14, Niamh Morton 11, Laura Watson 10+2, Luke Morton 9+3.

Referee – Andy Schofield.

If the racing provided tonight continues into the next rounds (round 2 is at Cookson Park, Sheffield on 5th June) then it looks like a valuable addition to the racing calender for the White Rose clubs.

(Report taken from North & Scotland Cycle Speedway Region facebook page)


Edinburgh v Hull – Sunday 19th May 2019 (Northern League)

Hull travelled to Edinburgh with the squad bolstered by the addition of Josh but without Adam Stephenson or Jack Lister, while the home side were missing the suspended Craig Newsome.  The match started with a win for David Hemsley but Edinburgh quickly established a lead with two maximum heat wins in the next races with Andy Angell picking up an exclusion in heat three.  Drawn heats in the next three races were followed by a 6-3 to Nathan Everett / Matt Eglen before the home side took a 6-4 through Mikey Hewittson / Neil McPherson for an eight point interval lead.

The second half began with a 7-3 for the Falcons following a first bend fall for David Cooper and despite wins for Andy Angell and David Hemsley the home side began to pull away with three heat wins before David and Andy paired up for a heat 15 6-4.  A 19 point lead before the nominated races was extended to a 102 points to 75 victory to push Edinburgh above Hull in the league standings.  Mikey Hewittson was unbeaten for the home side and received strong support from his side while for Hull David Hemsley only dropped one point with good support from Andy Angell and Nathan Everett.

Edinburgh 102: M.Hewittson 22+2, M.Morton 15+1, J.Keith 14+3, E.Morton 14+2, J.Slight 13+2, L.Foxley 12+1, N. McPherson 11, E.Kennedy 1.

Hull 75: D.Hemsley 19, A.Angell 14, N.Everett 12+1, M.Eglen 9, J.Bellis 7, D.Cooper 7, F.Aufrett 4.

In division two Edinburgh fielded seven riders against Hull’s bare minimum of four.  The visitors started strongly with three wins for Frank Aufrett and two for David Cooper with good support from Matt Eglen and Andy Knowles to open up an eight point lead despite a tape exclusion for David.  Lewis Foxley won heat six for the home side but Hull extended their lead to ten points with a Matt Eglen / Andy Knowles 6-4.  The Falcons were using their full squad and began a comeback with 7-3’s to Terry Kirkup with Gavin Kennedy and then Shane Grey.  Frank Aufrett won heat 11 with Matt Eglen unlucky to fall but Gavin Kennedy / Louis Foxley took a final heat maximum to clinch a share of the points.

Edinburgh 59: G.Kennedy 14, S.Grey 12+1, T.Kirkup 11+3, L.Foxley 7+1, D.Mitchell 7, J.Foxley 4+1, E.Kennedy 4.

Hull 59: F.Aufrett 19, M.Eglen 16+1, D.Cooper 14, A.Knowles 10+1.


Eurovets Round Two – Hull – Saturday 18th May 6 2019 

Hull hosted Round two of the Eurovets on a dry sunny day at the Hessle Raceway with local interest centred around Hull’s Frank Aufrett and Rich Pawson riding in the over 60’s category. Frank followed on his success in round one at Birmingham when he reached the over 60 A final finishing third by winning the final this time round. It was a successful day al round with Rich Pawson also reaching the over 60’s A final and finishing third.


Northern Fours & Junior League Round 1 – Heckmondwike- Sunday 5th May 2019

On a cold, but dry day, Heckmondwike staged the opening round of the Northern Fours & Junior League series. It was a welcome return to official Regional racing at Firth Park, since the club withdrew from league racing in 2016.

In the Fours League match, defending champions Stockport led Astley & Tyldesley by a single point at the end of the first round of races. The lead stretched to 2 points at the half way stage. However, A&T drew level at the end of the third round of races, after Jake Read failed to finish in heat 13. Heat 19 effectively decided the outcome, as Read came through to take the race win and Steve Harris fell whilst trying to regain second place from Neil Howarth. Stockport saw out the match, to finish 3 points ahead of A&T.

No riders raced unbeaten, the top scorers were Dave Hemsley, who lost only to a classic Steve Harris first bend cut back in heat 12, and Reece Pollitt, who lost only to Hemsley in the re-run of heat 16, after leading the first run.

Northern Fours League Round Result
Stockport 52 Astley & Tyldesley 49 Hull 44 Bury 41 Heckmondwike 25 Sheffield 24.
Stockport: Devon Campbell 14, Louis Wright 13, Ben Higham 13, Jake Read 12.
A&T: Reece Pollitt 15, Pawel Idziorek 13, Steve Harris 12, Matt Snell 6, Mick Knowles 3.
Hull: Dave Hemsley 15, Nathan Everett 11, Jack Lister 10, David Cooper 6, Matt Eglen 2.
Bury: Kaysar Mohammadi 13, Adam Turnbull 10, Neil Howarth 7, Danny Taylor 6, Eryk Motala 5.
Heckmondwike: Darren Kent 10, Frank Auffret 7, Justin Naylor 5, Steven Webber 3.
Sheffield: Kielan Burton 7, Ed Morton 7, Niamh Morton 4, Laura Watson 4, James Morris 2.

A number of Hull riders rode in the varying age categories with the scores as follows:

u-10s: Kacey Bennett (Hull) 11
u-13s: Tyler Mills (Hull) 4.
u-19s: William Alvey (Hull) 8
Division 2: Matt Eglen (Hull) 11 8, Andy Knowles (Hull) 7.

Northern Junior League Round 1 result
Astley & Tyldesley 138 Sheffield 136 Bury 53 Hull 41 Stockport 24 Heckmondwike 22.


Eurovets Round One – Birmingham – Saturday 4th May 2019

Frank Aufrett scored 14 points to qualify for the A Final in the over 60’s section of the first round of this years series. As the fourth highest qualifier the meant he took gate four in the final and ultimately finished fourth to eventual winner Dave Murphy (Exeter), runner up Paull Timms (Birmingham) and third placed Phil Hemmings (Wednesfield). However this was a good start to the series for Franks and the next round is at Hull on the 18th May which hopefully will see Frank amongst the top scorers.


Hull v Bury – Sunday 28th April 2019 (Northern League) 

Hull took their second league win of the season with a convincing win at home to the Bury Comets. On a pleasant day, with the track still damp from the previous day’s rain, Hull began well with a 7-3 from Nathan Everett / Adam Stephenson and a 6-4 from David Hemsley / Dave Cooper.

Heat 4 saw Dave Cooper team up with Nathan Everett for a 6-4,with Nathan then joining with Adam Stephenson for a heat 6 maximum race win. Bury took a share in the remaining first half heats thanks to taking second and third places but the home side led at the interval by 12 points.

Hull started the second half on top with 7-3’s to Nathan Everett / Andy Angell and David Hemsley / Adam Stephenson before Adam Turnbull took the Comets first race win in heat 12. A run of four drawn heats was punctuated by an Andy Angell / Dave Cooper 7-3 before Neil Howarth / Harry Radford picked up Bury’s first heat win in the initial nominated race only for Hull to round up the match with two maximum heat wins for a 104 points to 74 win.

Bury pushed the home side hard in every race but were unable to match the fire power of Andy Angell, David Hemsley and Adam Stephenson who were all unbeaten in a sporting match that provided lots of exciting racing. Kaysor Mohammadi and Adam Turnbull look good prospects for Bury with Nathan Everett racing well for the home side and Dave Cooper having his best match for some time.

Hull 104: A. Angell 21+3, A. Stephenson 21+3, D. Hemsley 19+1, N. Everett 19, D.Cooper12+1, M. Eglen 4, J. Lister 3, F. Aufrett 2, A. Knowles 2, W. Alvey 1.

Bury 76: N.Howarth 14+2, K.Ramsden 14+1, K.Mohammadi 13+2, A.Turnbull 13+1,D.Taylor 10+1, E.Motala 8, H.Radford 4.

In division two an eight man Hull team, including two youngsters, took on a six man Buryside also with two young riders in the line-up. Hull started well with a Frank Aufrett / Jack Lister 7-3 and had the advantage of using their reserves to space out the rides. Bury replied with a Harry Radford / Eryk Motala 7-3 in heat 5 but Jack Lister / Dave Cooper restored Hull’s advantage with a 7-3 in heat 7. Both sides traded 6-4’s but Hull wrapped up the pointswith a 7-3 to Frank Aufrett / Jack Lister in the penultimate heat for a 62 points to 58 victory.

Dave Cooper was unbeaten from four starts for Hull with Jack Lister just dropping one point and Frank Aufrett producing his usual tenacious performance. Eryk Motala only dropped one point from six races for the Comets with Harry Radford also racing well.

Hull 62: J.Lister 19, D.Cooper 15+1, F.Aufrett 9+2, M.Eglen 8, A.Knowles 5+1, W.Alvey 3,J.Goff 2, M .Mobbs 1.

Bury 58: E.Motala 22+1, H.Radford 14+2, D.Mohammadi 11, S.Mann 7+1, T,Dunphy 4.

Hull won the division three encounter with their eight riders beating Bury’s three riders by 80 points to 36. Tom Dunphy was unbeaten for Bury with Hull’s Noah Lyon the pick of the under 10 contingent with 15 points for Hull.

Hull 80: N.Lyon 15, D.Goff 14, J.Goff 13, K.Bennettt 12, T.Mills 10, M.Mobbs 6, R.Durkin6, M.Hodson 4.

Bury 36 : T.Dunphy 16, S,Dunphy 12, B.Dunphy 8


Astley & Tyldesley v Hull – Sunday 14th April 2019 (Northern League)

On a cold, windy afternoon both teams fought out a keenly contested encounter in the Division 1 match. Astley took the lead in heat 1, with a 6-4 to the Steve Harris/ Mark Grantham pairing over Andy Angell/ Jack Lister. Three shared heats followed, before Angell passed Pawel Idziorek and Adam Stephenson followed through for a 7-3, to put Hull in front, 26-24. Three more shared heats made the interval score: A&T 39 Hull 41. A&T drew level in heat 11, with a 6-4 to Idziorek/ Paul Graham over Angell/ Lister. A&T effectively clinched the match with two great 7-3 heat wins from outside grids by the Adam Phillips/ Reece Pollitt pairing in heats 12 and 14, over Dave Hemsley/ Dan Teal and then over Lister/ Hemsley. This put Astley 75-65 ahead after heat 14. Three shared heats followed, before Hull took a consolation 7-3 in the last heat to Lister/ Angell.

The match was very tight throughout the first half. However, Astley had that little bit extra on the day and were deserved winners. The match was a great advert for the sport and ridden in a hard but sporting

North & Scotland League Division 1 match result

Astley & Tyldesley 93 – Hull 87

Astley & Tyldsley: Pawel Idziorek 19 (1), Adam Phillips 18, Steve Harris 17, Reece Pollitt 16 (3), Kyle Holland 6 (3), Paul Graham 6 (1), Matt Snell 6 (1), Mick Knowles 3, Mark Grantham 2.

Hull: Andy Angell 21 (1), Adam Stephenson 18 (3), Dave Hemsley 17, Jack Lister 13, Nathan Everett 11 (1), Dan Teal 4 (1), Dave Cooper 3, Richie Pawson dnr, Frank Auffret dnr, Matt Eglen dnr.

In the Division 2 match Hull were no match for a fast starting Astley side who  scored maximum points in all four opening heats, to take a 28-11 lead. Hull kept battling away and for the first time in a number of years managed to field an almost separate team for a division 2 away match.

League Division 2 match result

Astley & Tyldesley 74 – Hull 43

Astley: Matt Snell 20, Mark Grantham 15 (1), Emily Burgess 14 (2), Mick Knowles 11 (1), Lee Phillips 8 (2), Charlie Burgess 3, Duncan Whalley 3.

Hull: Matt Eglen 10, Brad Stansfield 7, Rich Pawson 6 (1), Andy Knowles 5 (2), Frank Auffret 5, Dan Teal 4 (1), Dave Cooper 3, Jack Lister 3.

In the Division 3 match Astley raced to a big win in the main due to Hull only fielding two riders. Astleys Aiden Green raced unbeaten in the u-10s match, with Duncan Whalley top scoring in the u-13s match, beaten only by Chloe Warn in heat 4.

North & Scotland League Division 3 match result

Astley & Tyldesley 137 – Hull 19

Astley: Aiden Green 16, Frank White 15, Duncan Whalley 15, Tom Beeley 13, Chloe Warn 13, Levi Edwards 12, Myles Grantham 12, Oscar Belt 11, Harriet Belt 11, Aliesha Green 8, Lewis Skitterall 7, Owen Simcock 4.

Hull: Sam Stansfield 11, Morgan Mobbs 8.


Glasgow v Hull – Sunday 7h April 2019 (Northern League)

After what was a hard match at Fife Hull produced a better performance at Glasgow on what was a much better racing surface. Hull ope3ned the match with a Matt Eglen/Rich Pawson 7 – 3 heat win from outside gates which put them on the front foot for the remainder of the match. This was followed up by Dave Cooper/Frank Auffret and Matt Eglen/Andy Knowles 6-4’s which set Hull up for the ultimate win. Hull were able to use all seven riders who all contributed to the first away division 2 win for a number of years.


North & Scotland League Division 2 match result

Glasgow 54 – Hull 65

Glasgow: Chris Flynn 11, Jim Alexander 6 (2), Colin Gray 2, Simon Morris 10, Brandon Kaye 1, Joe Beuchman 9, Andy McDougall 15 (1)

Hull: Rich Pawson 10 (2), Matt Eglan 16 (1), Frank Auffret 12, Dave Cooper 17, Andy Knowles 6 (1), Bradley Stansfield 3, Sam Stansfield 1

Hull won the Division 3 match by default as Glasgow were unable to field any under 13 riders.


Fife v Hull – Sunday 7th April 2019 (Northern League)

Hull made the long journey to face Fife in Division 2 and 3 matches on what was a cold but dry day.

Division 3

Fife 12 – Hull 16


Both sides only had one rider for the division 3 race today. Fife’s Rory Payne was up against Sam Stansfield. Sam has steadily progressed over the years and is fairly putting the mileage in for all his racing. It’s certainly paying off as he stormed from the gate in all for races. Rory kept him honest throughout and is certainly improving with every match. Sam scoring a 16 point maximum meaning the points go back to Humberside with a 12-16 victory.

Division 2
Fife 76 – Hull 44

Hull knew this was to be the harder of the two matches they would race and so it proved against a strong Fife side.

Fife fired out the traps in heat 1 with a 7-3 thanks to the Alsop brothers. Matt Eglen of Hull pushing them all the way with a bike length between them.

Heat 2 Dougie Russell lined up in his first ever race. Dave Cooper was strong out the gate with Kayden Davidson behind. The legend that is Frank Auffret keeping Russell at the back. Russell saw a gap on lap 3 and went for it. It didn’t come off for the newest recruit coming off but finishing for his first point. He was now well and truly christened.

Fife took advantage of having 7 riders and drafted in Hardie and Hill in heat 3. The Fifers securing a 7-3 advantage.

Lewis Alsop and Harris Alsop stormed to a heat advantage over Eglen and Bradley Stansfield.

James Keenlyside made a special appearance taking advantage of Uni holidays and came in for heat 5 to partner Russell. The Hull due of Auffret and Pawson made the gate but a superb back straight from Russell saw him cut under Auffret bend 3 and come out bend 4 in the lead. His speed and track conditions meant his back wheel slid out. Russell kept control of the bike and the pedals going but Auffret clipped him and came off. Auffret got straight back on to finish the race. Keenlyside then did his trade mark hunting down his opponent to partner Russell for his first win in Fife colours. Calls for him to be excluded at the end could be argued but would have been harsh.

Heat 6 there was another good battle between H.Alsop and Eglen with the Fifer winning.

Heat 8 was won comfortably by L.Alsop with Russell having a fall chasing Auffret and Pawson.

Fife finished the meeting with 4 heat advantages with a great win for Davidson in heat 12.


The Fife side proved too strong for Hull and already look like potential division 2 champions again.

Fife: Lewis Alsop 16, Harris Alsop 10, Dougie Russell 8, Kayden Davidson 11, Craig Hardie 11 (1), Vas Hill 10 (2), James Keenlyside 7 (1)


Hull: Rich Pawson 6(1), Matt Eglan 10, Frank Auffret 9, Dave Cooper 9, Andy Knowles 3, Bradley Stansfield 3, Sam Stansfield 2


Hull v Stockport – Sunday 31st March 2019 (Northern League)

Hull were given a shock in their first Northern League match of the season when visitors Stockport came out of the blocks fast to establish a convincing lead by the interval. The first heat saw Jake Read / Lewis Wright take a 7-2 after Andy Angell picked up an exclusion but Hull narrowed the gap with a David Hemsley / Dave Cooper 6-4 in heat three. There was more bad news for the home side as Jake Read / Michael Preston took a 7-2 in the next heat following an exclusion for Adam Stephenson only for Hull to hit back with a 7-3 for Andy Angell / Matt Eglen in the following race. An eight point interval lead was set up for the visitors with a Louis Wright / Jake Read 7-3 in heat eight.

The home side started the second half in much better form with Andy Angell / Adam Stephenson taking a maximum heat win followed by David Hemsley / Dave Cooper recording a 7-2 with Jake Read falling while chasing. All of a sudden Hull had a lead that they were destined to hold on to, but the next race saw sparks fly as Ben Higham received an exclusion and Nathen Everett was lapped with a puncture to give Adam Stephenson a win over Ewan Ferreira. Hull extended their lead with two 6-4’s and a 6-3 to give them an 11 point lead going into the nominated races and confirmed the 93 points to 80 win with two drawn heats, and a 7-3 for Andy Angell / David Hemsley in the final race.

David Hemsley scored an excellent paid maximum on his league debut for Hull with Andy Angell winning his final five rides and Adam Stephenson racing unbeaten in the second half. Jake Read, Louis Wright and Michael Preston all shone for Stockport on a fine day with some exciting racing for a good size crowd.

Hull: D.Hemsley 23+1, A.Angell 18+2, A.Stephenson 15+1, N.Everett 13+1, D.Cooper 8+1, J.Lister 8, M.Eglen 5, F.Aufrett 2, D.Teal 1.

Stockport: L.Wright 17+1, M.Preston 16+3, J.Read 13+2, D.Mason 11+1, B.Higham 11, E.Ferreira 10.

In division two Hull’s seven riders lined up against a Stockport side with four riders including the ineligible Ben Higham. The home side had enough in reserve to hold onto some of their 30 points and ended up victors by 84 points to 66. Stockport soon opened up a lead on the day with three wins to lead by eight points after three races before Dan Teal / Dave Cooper reduced the arrears in heat five with a maximum heat win. A run of drawn heats was broken by a Louis Wright / Ben Higham 7-3 for Stockport in heat nine before Dave Cooper teamed up with Frank Aufrett for the home sides only other heat win. Dan Teal was in good form for Hull with Dave Cooper winning his two starts while Ben Higham was unbeaten for Stockport and Louis Wright only faded at the end of a hard days racing. Frank Aufrett and Andy Knowles both made encouraging division two debuts for Hull.

Hull: D.Teal 12, M.Eglen 11, F.Aufrett 9, A.Knowles 7+3, D.Cooper 7+1, W.Alvey 4, J.Lister 4.

Stockport: B.Higham 22+2, D.Mason 18+1, L.Wright 18, E.Ferreira 8.

The division three match was a walk over for Hull by 76 points to nil with Sam Stansfield and Jake Goff only dropping points to each other and Noah Lyon looking the pick of some impressive under tens.

Hull: S.Stansfield 15, J.Goff 15, N.Lyon 14, K.Bennett 10, T.Mills 9, R.Durkin 9, M.Hodson 4.


Hull v Birmingham – Sunday 24th February 2019 (pre-season challenge)

Hull welcomed Birmingham to the Hessle Raceway on a warm and dry sunny afternoon for a pre-season challenge match. Both teams tracked nine riders with two of Hull’s recent signings, Frank Auffret and David Helmsley, making their Hull debuts. Hull were without the injured Andy Angell but brought in Tom Berwick from Wednesfield for the day.

Heat one saw the strong Birmingham pair of Mark Winwood and Paul Heard race away for a 7-3 heat win to which Hull immediately responded with a 6-4 win. The following heats saw two drawn heats followed by two 6-4 wins to Birmingham which saw them build up a six point lead. Heat eight saw Hull register a 7-2 heat win to bring them to within a point of Birmingham. Birmingham hit back immediately with a 7-3 heat win and a further drawn race saw Birmingham leads by five points at the interval.

The first race after the interval was drawn but then Hull registered a 7-3 win to take the lead by one point for what would be the only time in the match they led. Birmingham scored two successive 7-3 wins to take back the lead and the remaining heats saw no side make any further headway. The score after eighteen heats was Hull 86 – Birmingham 93.

Three additional nominated races then took place which saw Birmingham take two 7-3 wins with the final heat being drawn.

The match was ridden in a sporting manner throughout and proved a good workout for both sides. Birmingham had the top end strength but the Hull side all scored consistently throughout and both sides can look forward to a successful season on this showing. The match scorers were:

Hull – 97

Nathan Everett 15+1 (6 rides), Frank Auffret 8 (5 rides), David Helmsley 13 (5 rides), David Cooper 8+1 (4 rides), Tom Bewick 13+1 (6 rides), Mat Eglan 9+1 (5 rides), Rich Pawson 9+2 (4 rides), Josh Bellis 11 (3 rides) and Adam Stephenson 11+2 (4 rides)

Birmingham – 112

Mark Winwood 16(4 rides), Paul Heard 20+4 (6 rides), Chris Timms 18+1 (5rides), Carl Winwood 9+1 (5 rides), Ewan Hancox 4+1 (4 rides), Ricki Johnson 15 (5 rides), Jake Steel 4 (4 rides), Billy Winwood 13 (5 rides) and Paul Timms 13+1 (4 rides)