Hull 1980 Onwards

Below is a list (not comprehensive) and not recently updated of riders who have represented the Hull club. If you are missing or are aware of anyone missing please e-mail with your/their details

Hull Riders 1979 To date

Name Year(s) Rode Where Are They Now
Shane Ambler    
Andy Angel    
Barry Ashton    
James Ashton    
Lewis Aylmer    
Dave Armstrong    
Rich Autherson    
John Baker    
Martin Baker    
Rich Baker    
Matt Barnes    
Neil Barnes    
Matt Bates    
Matt Beharrall    
Paul Beharrall    
Steve Beal    
Steve Chaplin    
Dominic Bent    
Kim Bent    
Josh Black    
Tony Black    
Chris Boot    
Steve Bulmer    
Tom Carpenter    
Ian Clark    
Chris Cooke    
Adam Coatham    
Lewis Coxon    
Neil Coxon    
Adrian Craven    
Harry Cross    
Anthony Dalton    
Clark Dean    
Chris Dingley    
Steve Dingley    
Chris Eamon    
Ricky Edgecombe    
Mike Egan    
Adrian Elliott    
Martin Gamble    
Lee Genter    
James Gerrard    
Graham Gibson    
Rob Gilson    
Mark Goff    
Rob Goff    
Corey Graham    
Joshua Hancock    
Andy Harrison    
Mark Harrison    
Tom Harrison    
Dave James    
R. Jeffreys    
Paul Knott    
Simon Legg    
Mark McGowan    
Nathan Marsh    
Jason Meekin    
Howard Middleton    
Craig Milton    
Andy Moody    
Ben Moody    
Kieran Moody    
Sophie Moody    
John Murphy    
Dave Musgrave    
Karl Mustoe    
Andy Norrie    
Martin Parker    
Rich Pawson    
Rob Pawson    
S. Penney    
Simon Plows    
Matt Porter    
Tim Porter    
Matt Power    
Andy Richardson    
Ian Robinson    
Dave Routledge    
Andy Schofield    
Pete Schofield    
Sam Schofield    
Alex Sharpe    
Josh Shepard    
Craig Skelton    
Lewis Smith    
Darren Spencer    
Ian Spencer    
Sasha Stratford    
Chris Strutt    
Jon Whiting    
Chris Woodward    
Steve Woodward    
James Underwood    
Lewis Yates