The Robert Atkinson Memorial Hull GP

1pm Sunday September 13 @ Hessle Raceway

The Robert Atkinson Memorial Hull GP is open to individual riders in all age groups.

  • Under 35
  • Under 50
  • Over 50
  • Over 60

Robert ‘Bob’ Atkinson raced for Saltersgill Saints (Teesside) in the late 60’s. Almost fifty years later he decided to make a comeback and riding his ancient ‘Green Stallion’ attended training sessions at Heckmondwike, Cramlington & Hull. Despite very poor health, Bob trained regularly and made an appearance in Heckmondwike colours at the Bury round of the 2018 Northern Fours. He persuaded his long time Saltersgill team mate, Frank Auffret to also make a return to the sport and together they both planned to enter the 2019 Eurovets series. Sadly Bob passed away just prior to the 2019 season so didn’t make it to the Eurovets but in his short time back in the sport he made a big impression on those who met him.

The Robert Atkinson Memorial Hull GP will ensure Bob gets his moment of glory albeit by proxy of the riders who attend.

Anyone wishing to enter please register here