The 1940's & 1950's

Hull's first cycle speedway match was in 1946 between Telford Tigers and Marfleet Monarchs. The Tigers won by 45 points to 39 and known riders were: Tigers - Al Harrison, Pete Blood and Terry Gillingham Monarchs - Kenny Speight, Arthur Welburn, Walt Rawson, Pete Cooper, Hubert McMillan, Brian Kirton and Dave Martin.
The first inter town match was in 1947 or 1948 between Hull’s Belle Vue Ace's  and Beldene of Bradford and was held at the Corporation Road track in Hull.
Known team/tracks from the period are:
Belle Vue Aces
Rode around the Flagpole at Midfield during the Interval, plus put on a talent day at East Park, close to the Peter Pan boating lake.
Track was on old baloon barage site by the river, at the foot of Corporation Road, by King George Dock, Hull.
Club Manager: E.W. Galton, 94 Trinity Street, Spring Bank, Hull.
Known Riders: Tony Swaine
Cordens Cubs
Track was in Corporation Road, Hull.
Club Manager: l. Corden, 4 Southcoates Lane, Hull.
County Kings
1st track was built at the "Woolsheds, and became known as "Brooklands" in National Avenue. This was an abandoned rail spur leading to the radiator works (now Ideal Standard). The 2nd track was at Corporation Road, Hull.
Known Riders: Tony Swaine, Mike Mein, Ted Roach who became the chief designer at British Aerospace, working on the RAF Jaguar Jet Fighters and Brian Cooper became an Arctic Explorer and University Professor in Wales.
Hull Angels
Track was at Hedon (approx 1948).
Hull District CSC
The track was in Corporation Road, Hull.
Club Manager: S.T. King, 5 Summergangs Road, Hull.
Hull Junior Angels
Known Result: Hull Junior Angels 58 = Preston Pirates 26.
Known Riders: ? Clubley, Harry Greaves and Irwin Whitton
Hull Wembley Park Lions
The track was in Wembley Park Avenue, Hull.
Track was 85 yards. Track Record was 51.0 seconds (four laps).
Club Manager: E.H. Marriot, 181 Hedon Road, Hull.
Known Rider: D. Wood
Preston Pirates
The track was situated off Preston Road, Bilston.
Known Result: Hull Junior Angels 58 - Preston Pirates 26.
Known Riders: J. Bramley
Sutton Trust Demons
Nothing further known.
Known Rider: D. Woodland
Sutton Trust Diamonds
The track was in the corner of Sutton Trust Playing Fields, raced in 1947.
Just behind the 1st bend was a 'Monkey Puzzle' climbing frame, and it was from the top of this where many of the local kids used to watch the racing from. Many declared that the track was the only one in Hull with a grandstand.
One of these early lofty spectators was Norman Angell, grandfather of the present day Andy Angell.
Known Rider: Gos Seddon
West Park Rangers
The track was at the Fairground in Walton Street.
Manager: Mr Ted Galton.
Known Rider: Ted Galton
Wold County Skid Kids
The track was behind the Wold Road Corner County Library by the allotments.
The track consisted of a figure of 8 !!!
Known Rider: Tony Swaine
County Kings at the Corporation Road track. Tony Swaine on mothers modified bike. Bottom left is Ted Roach, next to him Mike Mein. Far right Brian Cooper
County Kings race jacket as worn by Tony Swaine.These were originally the Hull Angels speedway teams race jackets
Much of the information is taken from Dave Huntings "History of Cycle Speedway" website and was provided to him by Tony Swaine.
An artists impression by Tony Swaine of the Brooklands Road track 1950, looking NW from the pits towards the housing on National Avenue. Ideal boilers was across the street to the left. Match County Kings v West Park Rangers.