North and Scotland 2018 AGM 

A productive AGM saw several changes to the league structure with Heckmondwike and Northumbria both welcomed back to league racing.

Nine of the region’s teams attended the League AGM, just Glasgow were absent, with all departing satisfied that what could have been achieved was done so in an attempt to bolster the North and Scotland clubs continued development.

The committee was voted back in unanimously, after all officers declared they were willing to continue in their post.

League Structure

Following positive discussions the format of the North and Scotland region League for 2019 is:

Division One (five teams)

Astley and Tyldesley, Bury, Edinburgh, Hull, Stockport.

Same 18 heat 6 + 4 formula, so succesful in 2018.

Division Two (ten teams, split into two five team groups)

Group A

The five teams consisting in Division One

Group B

Fife, Glasgow, Heckmondwike, Northumbria, Sheffield.

Teams will face each other home and away within their own group.
A play off final (at a neutral venue) between the Group winners to decide eventual champions. Racing formula will be 4 + 4. The four man teams giving each rider six races over 12 heats. Four reserves are allowed each team.

Division Three (under 13)

Will run in conjunction with the respective Division Two group matches. Team with the highest race points to be declared Divsion Three champions.

Northern Fours League and Grand Prix Series.

Two regions will compete.


Astley and Tyldesley, Bury, Heckmondwike, Hull, Sheffield and Stockport.

Six rounds (one at each track) using the six team formula (24 heats).


Edinburgh A, Edinburgh B, Fife, Glasgow and Northumbria.

Five rounds (one at each track) using the five team formula (20 heats).

Northern Individuals

To be staged at Astley and Tyldesley, provisional date 2nd June

Northern KO Cup

To be staged at Bury (provisional date 21st July, though maybe moved to end of season)

Senior draw

Edinburgh, Astley and Tyldesley, Hull, Stockport, Bury.


Clubs invited to enter at a later date.